Hamden Animal Shelter Update (June 2019)

DONATIONS: Besides the $3,640.55 we coordinated last April, there were additional contributions to Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund. As of  the agenda deadline, at the May 9th Police Commission meeting, the following amounts were sent in directly for deposit into the fund:

  •      $20. from Gail Esposito
  •    $100. from Ralph Ferrucci Jr.
  •    $100. from Clair Krohn
  • $1,000. from Leslie Delong

That brings the current the total of the April campaign to $4,860.55. This is the first time we know of that politicians can visualize support for this project with tangible results from the voters of Hamden.

CURRENT STATUS:In the meantime Hamden Animal Control, who has been homeless since May 1st, has 8 dogs in the following locations:

  • Wallingford Animal Shelter (3)
  • Ridge Hill Animal Hospital (3)
  • North Haven Animal Hospital (2)

Some of these temporary locations honor the old rate Hamden was paying (at North Haven’s Municipal Shelter) of $10/cage, but they are not obligated to.  I for one would not think of looking in the back room of an animal hospital for a rescue pet. This administration’s scattered site policy could easily prolong finding “forever homes.” That in-turn would extend the daily cost for their rental cages. Hamden has been hemorrhaging tax payer dollars to an average of $70/day, since 2005. Based on the old rate of $10/cage, this month it is up to $80/day. 

DISCLAIMER: Gimme Shelter is not affiliated with any political party. Our supporters and officers are both registered democrats and republicans. Some of our advocates are independents while others fall in-between as unaffiliated voters. That is your business and quite frankly, does not involve us. In fact we feel this situation is best solved by intelligent discussions across party lines. 

TODAY: Don’t be shut out of the primaries: if you are an unaffiliated voter, register today so that your voice is heard. CT has a “closed” primary system so you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote in their party primaries. If you wish to participate in the September 10th Hamden Mayoral Democratic Primary, today is the last day to switch your party affiliation in person, at the Hamden Government Center, or at https://voterregistration.ct.gov/OLVR/prefix.do

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Gimme Shelter is willing to listen to all ideas for a Hamden Animal Shelter put forth between Lauren Garrett and Curt Leng before the democratic primary, and then again at any debate(s) prior to the general election between that winner and republican challenger, Jay Kaye. With municipalities and state budgets strapped for cash, grant writing has become very competitive. No one is going to award Hamden money to sit idly in the Animal Shelter Gift Fund. Specific projects with a location, blueprints and a price tag are often required just just for an application to be read. This project has support among some legislative council members as well as acting and former police chiefs. However it is hard to visualize a Hamden Animal Shelter moving forward without the mayor’s office onboard. What Gimme Shelter is seeking is for anypolitician running for Mayor of Hamden this November, to name a location as the site for a future Hamden Animal Shelter. Hopefully it will be as adequate as the 15-cage facility that Mayor Leng recently rejected.

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