Hamden Animal Shelter Update (July 2019)

CURRENT SITUATION: We are now in our 3rd month of Hamden Animal Control being homeless. One dog was adopted last week so Hamden taxpayers are now paying rental costs for 8 dogs spread out over 4 locations. The costs at the former North Haven facility, where Hamden Animal Control operated from 2005 until May 1st of this year, averaged $70/day. ($10/day, per dog, for 7 allocated cages.) The Animal Hospitals currently being used as 2 of the current 4 locations average $30/day, per dog. In the meantime all you have to do is look at the local headlines to see that animal abandonment is on the rise.  Unfortunately so are fox sightings and bite incidents in Hamden. In fact, this summer has seen an unprecedented spike in the number of calls to Hamden Animal Control. Should you or a loved one need assistance for animal-related incident, let’s hope that our Animal Control Officers will not be shuttling dogs to North Haven and Wallingford when needed. 

ON-LINE PETITION: Former Hamden Police Chief Wydra’s 2018 proposal for a 15 cage Hamden wing at a new Regional Animal Shelter was rejected by the Mayor’s office. That is the current obstacle which now makes this somewhat political. However, it does not have to be partisan. We started an on-line petition Wednesday to ask all three 2019 Mayoral candidates of Hamden to name a site for the future home of a Hamden Animal Shelter. Hopefully it will be as adequate as the 15 cage option that was rejected last year or, at least have the option for expansion so that fundraising may continue. You may sign then share the petition at: http://chng.it/sFxBqdPh  Hamden residents are encouraged to post a comment on your thoughts for a future site or a local animal experience.

Please Note: There is a “Donate” button on the Change.org petition site. However neither Gimme Shelter or Hamden’s Animal Shelter Gift Fund have accounts linked to this site. All weare collecting are names.

STARBUCKS of HAMDEN: An awareness campaign started at the Starbucks of Hamden on Thursday. Its purpose is to draw attention to this issue while collecting supplies for area animals waiting for “forever homes” in municipal shelters or in Hamden’s case; 4 different locations. To get these spiraling costs off the backs of taxpayers, corporate help is a big piece of the puzzle. Please stop in and thank the local team at Starbucks of Hamden for caring – and don’t forget a sealed bag/can of cat/dog food/toy!