Aunt Chilada’s Restaurant; October 28, 2017 (night)

We took in $1,290. Expenses (band, reusable event banner, raffle tickets, markers, poster board etc..) were $216.05

Profit was $1,073.95

We would like to thank Charlie Hague, Doreen and the entire staff at Aunt Chilada’s once again.

Coming full circle, we ended our fundraising year right where it started, with a performance by Savile Row. Billy, Ralph, Freddie, Dave & Toni-Ann can be found on Facebook: Savile Row of Hamden

Laurie executed the raffle for this event. Arlene & Mary were there to help set it up and they, along with Lisa, Cheryl, Dian & Jody, all helped run it.

We would like to thank the following merchants & supporters who donated the following raffle prizes:
Gift Basket #1 ($150) Safari Stan’s Pet Center
Local Merchant Gift Cart ($125) Dian & Jamie Vissleman
20 Gal. Aquarium Starter Kit ($100) Safari Stan’s Pet Center
Gift Basket ($100) Little Shop of Howlers
Dog spay/neuter Certificate ($150) New HopeVeterinary Clinic
Cat spay/neuter Certificate ($100) New Hope Veterinary Clinic
Veterinary Certificate ($100) Veterinary Associates of Westville
Weekend Warrior Boarding Package ($60/cat – $120/large breed dog) Bethway Kennels
Gift Basket #2 ($60) Safari Stan’s Pet Center
Gift Basket #3 ($60) Safari Stan’s Pet Center
Gift Basket ($60) Fat Robin Bird Supplies
Gift Basket ($60) Foxon Animal Hospital
Store Certificate ($50) Divine Orchard Florist
Ukulele ($50) Billy Morello
Store Certificate ($50) Hot Diggity Dog
Store Merchandise ($25) Home Depot of Hamden
Gift Basket ($50) Abandoned Animals Inc.
Dog/Person Gift Basket ($50) Wallie the Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon
Conventional Oil Change ($40) Richie Nesto / R&N Motors
21 Point Vehicle Check ($35) Richie Nesto / R&N Motors
Halloween Gift Basket ($35) Jody Langer
Gift Bag ($30) Starbucks of Woodbridge
Gift Basket ($30) Moon Rocks Cookies
Goat Yoga Certificate ($25) Nadeau Farm
Gift Basket ($25) Cheshire Veterinary Hospital
Mother’s Risotto Milanese / Recipe Basket ($25) Gloria Young
Autumn Table Decoration ($20) Arlene Miller
Christmas Table Centerpiece #1 ($20) Arlene Miller
Holiday Table Centerpiece #2 ($20) Arlene Miller
Seasonal Table Centerpiece #3 ($20) Arlene Miller
Table Centerpiece #4 ($20) Arlene Miller
Table Centerpiece #5 ($20) Arlene Miller
Tire Rotation ($ 20) Richie Nesto / R&N Motors
Store Certificate ($ 20) Le Petite Gourmet
Gift Basket ($20) The Barking Lot
32GB Flash Drive / 21 live New England concepts spanning 25 years ($17.99) Bonny-Lee the English Coon-Hound
Pet & Person Massage (unknown value) Pepe Santorelli

We also wish to thank Ed & Bob at Pixels2Press for their generous discount on printing materials and Liz & Ann at Hindinger’s Farm for donating the Fall Decor for our last 4 2017 events.

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